HOOPs 2328 Elite Kinlin 279 Wheelset
  • 20/24, 20/28, 24/28, or 28/32 spoke count builds
  • 23mm wide and 28mm deep semi-aero profile
  • Built with Kinlin XC-279 rim
  • Front- Radially laced
  • Rear- 2x on both sides
  • Sapim CX-Ray spokes
  • Sapim Secure Lock Brass Nipples
  • Choice of silver or black spokes and nipples
  • Novatec A291SB / F482SB hubs using EZO sealed
  • All wheels are hand built in the USA
  • Hub Upgrade Options - White Industries,
    Powertap, and more
20/24 Build $490
1525 grams
Hub Options
Spoke Color
Nipple Color
Freehub Body
20/28 Build $500
1550 grams
Hub Options
Spoke Color
Nipple Color
Freehub Body
24/28 Build $510
1572 grams
Hub Options
Spoke Color
Nipple Color
Freehub Body
28/32 Build $530
1650 grams
Hub Options
Spoke Color
Nipple Color
Freehub Body

Wider style rims are becoming more popular by the day for good reasons. They ride great, handle exceptionally well, and they are amazing for cornering. You’re able to run a little lower tire pressure which also adds to the comfort of the ride. We went with the well-respected Kinlin XC-279 rim for our 2328 build. Kinlin rims are made from niobium-aluminum alloy which is known for being light, strong, and durable. The XC-279 rims are a wider version of the Kinlin 270 that are also 1mm deeper. This makes for a strong rim that is exceptionally stiff and also aerodynamic. The rims have a glossy black finish and a silver machined brake track.

Our base hubs are made by Novatec which is one of the largest hub manufactures in the world. The front hub is the A291SB (A141SB on 28 hole front) and the rear hub is the F482SB. These hubs have a well-established history of being exceptionally durable while remaining lightweight, coming in at approximately 321 grams for the set. They are built using top end Japanese made EZO sealed bearings (2 front and 4 rear). We offer several hub upgrade options as well including hubs from White Industries, Powertap, Tune, and Alchemy. We also offer an upgraded quick release skewer from KCNC as well. Please visit our hub option page for information on the different hubs and skewers that we offer.

All of our wheels are hand built by our one and only builder. Our standard wheels are built up using high quality Sapim Race spokes. Sapim Race spokes are strong, durable, and reasonably priced. Our Elite sets are built using Sapim CX-Ray spokes which are widely regarded as the best spokes in the world. In addition to being strong and durable, CX-Ray spokes are both light and aerodynamic as well. Wheels are checked for proper tension and stress relieved several times throughout the build process. The inside of the nipple holes are greased and spokes are properly prepared prior to building. Additionally, we use Sapim Secure Lock Brass Nipples on all of our builds. All these steps are taken to ensure a top quality build that hold up to the demands of serious riding.

Please compare to other wheels on the market today. We are very confident that you’ll see that these are excellent wheels for a reasonable price. Please check out our FAQ page to answer many questions and feel free to contact us with any other questions that you might have.

*Wheels include rim strips (rim tape for Pacenti builds) and quick release skewers.

Weight Recommendations:

Under 165 lbs 20/24 build
165-180 lbs 20/28 build
180-205 lbs 24/28 build
205-240 lbs 28/32 build